This is not your standard bamboo plaque.

This plaque is designed and made in America.

100% of the energy used to produce this plaque is offset through the purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs).

The bamboo used in this product is Plybloo(R) from Smith and Fong, a company founded in 1989 on the premise that bamboo offered unique opportunities and solutions to some of the world’s social and environmental challenges.

We purchase our bamboo from our local distributor, Eco Supply Center, a longtime leader in sustainable design and a team with a tradition of giving back.

Every person at Rivanna who is involved in designing, making, assembling, engraving, packing, shipping, and accounting for this award is paid living wages or better.

By purchasing this product, you are: helping to create jobs and lift vulnerable people out of poverty,supporting a 100% woman-owned small business and a certified B Corp,reflecting your commitment to planet and community, and making a positive difference in the lives of real people.